Keeping racket string tension consistent during stringing

Many of my stringing clients have several rackets that I will string on a regular basis. When two identical frames are brought in to be string at the same tension there are several things I do to assure consistency of both frames.

In this situation I was stringing two prince black o series frames with Wilson Hollowcore 16g in the mains and Luxilon Timo 110 in the crosses. This setup is more for touch and crisp feel and does not last as long as other hybrid setups, but this particular client likes the feel it provides. I have many half sets laying around and sometimes pull from my inventory when creating my hybrids rather than pull a fresh set off the wall. Int his case I always pull fresh sets. I do not want to use a half set of hollowcore that has been sitting for sometime and then string the other with a fresh set, its best to keep all things equal. The other thing I always do is string them back to back so the settling period doesnt effect them differently.

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