Durability and WIlson Red Alert

Uncompromised playability and durability in one string? This would be the best case for any tennis string on the market. Generally we usually give up one at a price. Durable strings just don't play like multifilaments. Wilson recently launched RED ALERT synthetic tennis string. I have a few sets laying around the shop but havent tried them yet. Red Alert is said to contain a solid core that contributes to the strings lasting durability and crisp feel. Its outer wrapping also gives it a crisp bite to the ball for an overall great feel. It's about 6 dollars a set and comes in 16g.

RED ALERT FOR HYBRID USERS. THis string might be worth a look especially for frequent string breakers. Install this in the main strings and add a softer multifilament 17g in the crossess and you might have an alternative to the stiffer poly based hybrid set-ups. I have some clients who would benefit from the durability and playability factor along with the added spin factor.

PRICE POINT. With its relative low/midrange price, it can be marketed as a premium synthetic.

I hope to see more of this string in advertisements and customers asking for it by name.

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