Check out the Gamma Professional Grade tennis racket stringing machines

Gamma is a household name in the tennis industry and best known for its line of tennis string and maybe especially the TNT2 line of strings that we all have got to know and love. In the early years that I had my tennis shop in Southern California, Gamma strings were one of my main product lines. I sold tnt like crazy. Over the years new strings and especially Polyester has over powered the TNT series of strings but I still carry several Gamma strings and enjoy Gamma TNT2 17g.

Gamma's line of professional grade stringing machines are worth a look. If you have read any of my posts on stringing machines you might remember my recommendations regarding '6-point' mounting systems, constant pull electronic machines. The Gamma 8800 els model has all the features you would need and want in a professional grade model. Visit to learn more.

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