5 Simple ways to promote your racquet stringing business today!

Stringing rackets can be a great business either part time from home or in a full time retail store atmosphere, the latter requiring much more capital and committment. Start part-time to see if this is really something you enjoy. It definetly takes hard work and dedication to have a steady stream of business coming in. Here are a few simple ideas that I found to be effective to get you started now.

1. Put up a website / blog to showcase your business and service. A website may take a lot of extra work if you are not tech savy or have web design experience. A blog on the other hand is a quick way to promote your business. Once you start blogging, have a few posts, Google will recognize it and your business will start showing up on web searches. Most blog platforms such as blogger or wordpress are free.

2. Craigslist. Use craigslist in your local market. You get two benefits from this, First it gets your name in front of prospective clients and a good way to get in Google searches.

3. Visit your local tennis clubs or public courts and market yourself there, start playing, join round robin tournaments, start networking with where the players are.

4. Join a USTA league team. When I was breaking into a new geographic market I joined a USTA team and it helped me to get a feel for the local tennis community and exposure to tennis players that might have otherwise not known that I string rackets.

5. Contact High School team captains and USTA team captains, you might be able to make a few valuable contacts and new customers.

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