Why Wilson Sensation is a good multifilament string option

Wilson Sensation has bee around for probably a decade or so. I also remember the Wilson NXT sensation, and of course you have Wilson NXT as well. It can be confusing especially for customers looking for a good string. Wilson Sensation tends to be a stiffer playing multifilament than NXT, I like to consider it an 'entry level' multifilament. Clients that are wanting to step up from traditional mono-filament strings sometimes are not ready for the very elastic multifilament strings such as Wilson NXT or Prince Premier or Technifibre NRG. I find Wilson Sensation to be a good mix of feel and control. You can tame the effect of a highly elastic multifilament with either trying a string like Wilson Sensation or even trying a hybrid, use the Sensation in the MAIN strings and try a monofilament in the CROSS strings.

16 or 17g ?

Frequent string breakers might appreciate the 16g version for extended life, but keep in mind that if string breakage occurs frequently with a monofilament 16g then Wilson Sensation probably won't help the durability factor. I like the 17g version. Putting 17g in will allow for better spin and feel, a tight feeling multifilament.

Give it a try and let me know. Sometimes a proven classic is better than the newest and latest thing!

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