WHY does Luxilon have to be so expensive

SOmeone posted the question about Luxilon strings on a blog and I responded with this comment, I reprinted here because I thought it might clarify a few things about Luxilon.

"SO back to your original question. It's true that Luxilon is a string company out of Belgium that specializes in premium polyester based tennis strings. Wilson Distributes the Luxilon Brand and therefore has a large marketing channel to get the word out about the string. A majority of the touring pro use some form of polyester and Luxilon. There are differences in the luxilon strings. If you want a softer poly then luxilon M2 is the ticket. Durability than big banger original works well. For spin I would recommend Alu Power 125 Rough. For a great playing string that creates some spin use the thinnest TIMO 110. Some times you can find a good deal on EBAY or perhaps a wholesale account online from companies such as rocky mountain sports. THere are alternatives from Luxilon for polyester string. A good bargain price string is Gosen Polylon 17g - its around 3 dollars a set. Make your own hybrid, use an thin polyester in the main strings and a multifilament in the crosses. Hope this helps."

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