When you should use the around the world stringing pattern

When I get asked about stringing a 'one-piece' vs. a 'two-piece' string job I first clarify the issue about 'top-down' vs. 'Around-the-world' stringing. It is important to understand the idea that the cross strings of the racket should always be started at the top and worked down toward the bottom. If the last main strings end up on the top than the natural progression is to string top-down, if the main strings end up stopping on the bottom then you need to make a choice as to stringing a 'two-piece' pattern (4 knot) or using the 'around-the-world' stringing approach. So again the 'around the world pattern' is generally the default if your main strings end up on the bottom. This pattern is no more difficult than any other except for the fact that you need to count the holes on the cross strings to assure that you will not end up misweaving the crosses, I will explain this in more detail tomorrow with illustrations.

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