Top down racket stringing doesn't need to be difficult

Yesterday I started talking about using the 'Around the World' stringing pattern, it obviously will only apply if the main strings end up on the bottom. I was hoping to have some pictures or illustrations ready but didn't have a chance to get that updated today. I will briefly explain how this works here however. 1. String the main strings but leave the last main on the short side out, (your short side last main string will end up on top. 2. Tie off your short side on the top tie-off hole or use a starting clamp to secure the short side main string. 3. Install the long side mains completely (the main will end up on the bottom). 4. Install the bottom cross string using the long side. 5. Come up the other side now and install the last main string on the short side ( You will be using the long side you just weaved through the bottom cross. 6. Now string the racket top down like you normally would, keeping in mind that you have to make sure you have the correct weave on the first top cross string.

That is all there is too it, when I get some illustrations completed perhaps I will post here.


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