Quick Tip about securing the last hard weave on your tennis racket

So today I am discussing some options on handling that last cross string before tying off and finishing the racket. If you did a standard top down pattern then you wouldn't necessarily have a hard weave at the bottom but with the around the world pattern you most likely will.

Add tension on the last pull.

One option is to add 10% or 5 lbs to the tie off knot to compensate for the knot, but also consider the hard weave and getting all the loose tension out of the string.

Pull the last string / hard weave twice.

My option of choice is to pull the last string, release and pull again. This will reduce loss tension from having the hard weave. You might also add the lbs to the tie off knot for the best setup.

Just a few ideas and ways I have seen it done.

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