The Prince EX03 Rebel and how I broke several sets of polyester on this racket

My Random stringing thoughts for today. I was reflecting back to the first time I saw the rebel at a tournament I was stringing at. I don't recall the player using it but when it came into the stringing room I instantly was thinking back to the 80's and the flashy graphics, I was not impressed with the look but my job was to string it, not provide a commentary on the design. I think we were trying to put redcode Technifibre poly in the racket and the string kept snapping around the corner in the throat area. It was later discovered it was actually the clamping mechanism and not the racket.... Adjustments were made to the clamp and all was good. So this shows you that never assume anything. It could have well ended up being the former but always take into consideration all the variables. A lesson learned.

Racket stringing is an art as much as a science and we become better stringers by trying new things and learning from our mistakes.

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