Perhaps a string hybrid with Luxilon Savage 127

I have been trying some new Tennis string hybrids lately and Just recently ordered some Luxilon Savage White 127. This new string by Luxilon is said to have a unique 6 sided shape for extreme spin potential, good for a hard, heavy shot as well. The enhanced feature is feel due to liquid crystaline Polymer. Yes I believe some things to be a little hype filled but perhaps this is another string to try. Please shoot me an email if you have tried the string, I would love to hear your responses.

Try this string in a Hybrid- For spin and durability try the Luxilon Savage in the mains and Wilson Hollow Core 16 in the crosses for added comfort. For playability try a Wilson NXT 17g or Wilson Sensation 17g or Prince Primiere Lt in the mains and the Luxilon Savage 127 in the crosses.

Just a few things to think about.

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