New string technology and the tennis game of speed and spin

It has always been a joy to watch Stefan Edberg on the court, his grace and finese made the serve and volley game look so easy. In those days it was about the serve placement and getting to the net as quick as possible. Today's game seems to be void of the volley game for the most part. The power of the baseline player seems to dominate today's game.

In an article posted on Tennis magazine's website this month, Cliff Drysdale was interviewed and asked about the game of tennis. One question presented to him was regarding strings and the technology today. He was asked to respond to a comment Pat Cash had made regarding how today's string technology has created the power and spin game and all but made the 'volley' game extinct. I feel that to some degree the hard hitting polyester composites have replaced the feel and touch of the natural gut strings. I can remember even as recent as 1999 being in Miami stringing rackets at the Lipton and noticing the majority of players still using VS Gut. The years since the switch to polyester strings and hybrids has made it easier to generate that extra spin and to some degree ignited the power game of today. Just like any technology, how and when do you regulate it?

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