My thoughts today on a new tennis hybrid for spin and power

My client presented his Wilson with 16 x 19 string pattern and a broken Wilson Sensation 16g string. He doesn't break string much but didn't like the Sensation much and wanted more control along with spin. Since he wasn't familiar with using polyester strings or probably wouldn't benefit from the best multifilamnet I figured out a great poly / multi combo that would meet his current needs.

I just received some Luxilon Adrenaline Rough 16L (1.25)g polyester string from Wilson and installed it in the mains, I wanted to add some feel and comfort to offset the poly so I added Wilson NXT 17g in the crosses. Since I was trying to achieve a finished product that would provide more control, less power I checked the midrange of the racket, strung the mains midrange and added 3 pounds on the cross for a 56/59 combination.

The Adrenaline currently sells for 9.95 a set at Tenniswarehouse and the Wilson NXT you can pick up for around 14.00 a set to make your own hybrid here for around 12 or 13 dollars!

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