Increase your tennis stringing business by racket stencils

Yes, there are many value added services that you can provide to increase your business. Creating customer satisfaction comes from doing a professional stringjob and loyal customers can come by offering those value added little things like pick/up delivery, bagging the rackets,having customers stringing information handy, calling your customers when its time to restring and offering free racket stenciling.

I never stencil a racket unless I ask first, some customers might be indifferent to the idea but others might not want it at all. Ask your customers if they would like this done, some will appreciate that extra touch.

Face it, there is always that number of customers you might have that is indifferent to who strings their rackets, they go to you if its convenient but would just as easily go to the guy down the street. You might be able to retain these customers and keep them loyal with these little extras!

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