How to properly string a Head Extreme Mid Plus Microgel Tennis racket

While stringing a clients Head Extreme Mid Plus Microgel tennis racket I took some mental notes regarding a few easy tips to help make the stringing process a bit easier. I have compiled these thoughts here, I hope they help you with your stringing as well.

First off, this racket has some additional built in features that make it fairly easy to string. The tie off holes are clearly marked with 'main tie off written near the hole', the last main strings have a white dot next to them indicating 'main' string, and the center of the frame is also marked to indicate where the racket stringing machine support should go.

Lets Get Started.

This racket has a 16 x 19 string pattern which indicates it has 16 main strings and 19 cross strings. 8 mains on each side. The information is usually written in the throat area of the frame. String 4 main strings on your short side and then measure to make sure you have enough for another 4 or 5 strings. The last mains actually end up at the 'throat' so we will need to use the 'around the world' stringing pattern or a 'two-piece' pattern because we always want to string top down on the cross strings.

On the long side “install all the main strings” and notice that the last main string has a white dot next to the hole, this is deliberately put on the racket to indicate main string as to not confuse the cross and main hole configuration. Now go back to your short side and install all but the last main string, your string should be clamped at the top of the racket, next use the short side string as your first cross string at the top of the racket, the reason is that the tie off hole is actually the last top main and therefore you need to go across one to access the hole on the other side, seems a bit confusing but you will understand when stringing. Pull the cross string and clamp off with a ‘starting clamp’ and leave it there. If you do not know about starting clamps and their usage please email me for clarification. Now take your long side and weave through the first cross string on the bottom, be sure to count holes to make sure that the bottom cross and top cross work out so that you do not misweave. Now come up on the short side with the long string and you are ready to start the second cross from the top and weave down like you normally would.

I hope to have some video footage soon to explain some of these ideas more. I hope this helped you think about a few more ideas about racket stringing.

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