5 reasons why you should buy a klippermate tennis racket stringing machine

Ok so I rarely talk about entry level tennis racket stringing machines on this blog. My experience with computerized stringing machines supercedes the entry level machines known as drop weight stringing machines. To be fair to some new stringers and those looking to get started I thought I would dig deep within myself and really look at how I could help the newbie stringer.

My 5 reasons why I think you should purchase a klippermate stringing machine now!
1. Quick to pay for itself. At around 150 dollars you can quickly see how a few restrings pays for itself.
2. It doesnt have many parts that will wear out or break and that also means less things that you will need to learn to operate.
3. Its portable. You can take it with you anywhere, no electricity needed and it fits in a small box.
4. A good way to learn how to string before you spend thousands on professional grade equipment, especially if you don't know if you want to spend time learning to string.
5. Lots of great learning material available. Check out youtube for some video tutorials.

So these were the first 5 important reasons I thing that the klippermate is a good starting machine that can get you on the way to becoming a racket stringer.

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Klippermate stringing machines are great when you are travelling around! I used to travel around Australia and this would have been a welcomed asset to my luggage!

But do you think it is strong enough to stand the tests of time? Say 5 year? 10 maybe?

rackettec said…
Thanks for your comment, I understand that if you periodically clean the machine, store it away from moisture and keep it in the box when not in use you should get a good return on your money with this machine. Due to its simplicity, I don't see many parts wearing out but since Klipper USA has been around for a number of years, the customer service should be able to help support any parts requests..