racket stringing tip number 1

In an attempt to get all my stringing tips all in one place, I have decided to spend the next 100 days or so and list them here on my blog. These are some tips and tricks I have learned over the past 20 years. Check back frequently for new tips.

Racket Stringing tip 1: Inspect your racket before cutting the strings out and before the customer leaves the racket with you. I have found that a quick 1 minute racket evaluation can save you time and headaches later. First I quickly scan the frame for any stress fractures or cracks, sometimes this will alert the customer of any potential breakage and will save you any complaints and sometimes turns into an additional sale, a new tennis frame! I then write all the specs of the racket down including grip size for my records.

Next I look for grommet wear and how the strings are installed at the grommets especially around corners, are the grommets wearing into the frame,cracked or broken. I also look aat the headguard and wear. I also inspect the grip and suggest a new grip if needed, another potential sale. Next I use a stringmeter to get a dynamic tension reading to see what tension has been lost since stringing (more on this in a future stringing tip).

Several tips in this one tip but I will elaborate more on those later. The main tip here is to inspect the racket prior to the customer leaving the racket, this will potentially mean additional sales and keeps you from being liable of any pre damage to the frame. You will find this to save you time and be a valuable tip.

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