My thoughts on polyester tennis strings have changed

Sometimes we tend to form opinions and judgements based on our own level of knowledge on certain subjects, tennis strings being no exception. Acquiring the proper level of expertise in a subject along with accepting other opinions is important. In my not so long ago past, I didn't look on polyester tennis strings with much favor. I have been recommending poly for many years as part of a hybrid combination for frequent string breakers but never strayed far from that recommendation.

Industry research has shown time and again that polyester strings have many favorable characteristics and it should be no surprise why 70-80% of touring pro's and college players use them. They are not for everyone but the research is favorable.

Yes it is true that they generally lose tension quicker than other tennis strings, they are not for individuals with arm problems and they don't feel as comfortable as some strings. But if you want to generate the most top spin than polyester is by far the best option.

My quick tip for the most spin:
1.Use 18 g polyester string
2.Use an open string pattern racket (a 16 x 18 vs a 18 x 20)
3.String it at moderate tension, not too tight
4.Don't use it as a hybrid.

Give this a try and see for yourself.

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