Wilson Hollow core 16 as a good hybrid option tennis string

Hollowcore is said to be a multifilament nylon string and its hollow 'core' provides power due to its air filled core. According to the RSI (racket sports industry) magazine, playtesters have indicated a 14% tension loss after 24 hours. Similar stringing conditions with Wilson NXT indicate just a 9% tension loss after 24 hours. I have always favored Wilson NXT as a great multifilament string. With the introduction of Hollow COre 16, the power produced by the string might be worth trying. Keep in mind that you probably need to string this more frequently than other synthetics. Many nylon synthetics such as Prince Duraflex generally only produce a 6-8% tension loss over 24 hour period after stringing.

A few great ways to use Hollowcore might be in the main strings, its potential for generating power and its 16g durability might make it a great main string and for the cross strings use a thinner nylon string such as 17g, this would be a cost effective way to utilize Hollowcore at only half the multifilament price. Although the cost of hollow core is reasonable at around 6-8 dollars a set compared to NXT at 14 dollars a set, you could still increase profit margin with a hollowcore and synthetic combination. I like this combination because it provides elasticity, comfort but not to much 'trampoline' effect on string bed, because I have some customers complain about the quick tension loss of the natural gut and multifilament that they lose the control factor too quickly so combining this with a nylon based synthetic provides some more control.

If you need more durability and a tighter feel than using a 17 or 18g polyester in the main strings and use hollow core in the crosses. This would be a great combination for generating power, durability and spin. Just a few thoughts on hybrid stringing.

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