Where to find racket grommets for out of production rackets

Lately I have been posting about grommets and the like. For many racket stringers this is an area that is not thought of as either very profitable or easy to do. There are ways to turn this around and make grommets profitable and easy to install. When I talk about grommets I am covering what is considered a full grommet set as well as just headguard replacement. I think it always best to offer a full grommet replacement rather than just the headguard because over time grommets begin wearing out and a fresh set can prolong the life of the frame and may less likely cause problems in the future.

When your customer brings in a racket to restring, check over the grommets and headguard with the customer still in your store, I always like to do this because if by chance I see a stress fracture or crack I can address it immediately and remedy with either selling a new frame or educating the customer on the possibility of the racket not being suitable for restringing. If you notice some grommets cracking or the headguard worn to the frame, then this is the time to start talking about replacing it, even if the racket is some time away from needing one, this gives you the opportunity to write down the racket information and start the ordering process and therefore the grommet or headguard will be available when the customer needs it.

Ordering a grommet kit or headguard can be laborsome and frustrating at times due to the availability issue of grommets and headguards. I want to share a few ideas on where to find grommet kits and headguards here. If you have an account with the manufacturer of the racket than this would be the first call, contact the company or your sales rep. The next step would be to check with the large internet retailers such as www.tenniswarehouse.com or holibird or fromouth, they usually have a good supply of grommets on hand. ATS sports (gamma) also has grommets for various manufacturers. Another option would be to check on Ebay, from time to time some of the sellers sell grommet kits and headguards here. If all these avenues fail to generate the headguard or grommets you need than creating a custom headguard or grommet is my last suggestion which I will discuss shortly.

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