What racket are the 10 top players using this year at the Australian Open

On Friday January 14th the Mens and Womens Draws will be released for the 2011 Australian Open Tennis Championships. What rackets are the players promoting and what are they actually using. This fact always interests me and many times the only way to know is by being the one stringing the racket. I have found some of this information online and am sharing it here, I cannot validate the accuracy of the information but take it at face value.
The top 10 seeds are as follows:
MEN: 1.R.Nadal, 2.R.Federer,3.N.Djokovic,4.A.Murray,5.R.Soderling,6.T.Berdych,7.D.ferrer,8.A.Roddick,9.F.Verdasco,10.M.Youzhny.
WOMEN: 1.C.Wozniacki,2.V.Zvonareva,3.K.Cijsters,4.S.Williams,5.V.Williams,6.S.Stosur,7.F.Schiavone,8.j.jankovic,9.E.Denentieva.10.V.Azarenka.

I am compiling the information into a spreadsheet and will post it here shortly. Hopefully before the tournament starts.

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