My 2011 Top ten list for multifilament tennis strings to use

Undoubtingly we all have a few favorite tennis strings that we either like due to our knowledge about the string, its popularity or its price. I too have a few favorites and Wilson NXT is probably that one multifilament tennis string that I like more than others. I use to occasionally and feel that it has a good balance of power and the strings don't move around as much as do other strings.

In the American String Market it seems that the majority of tennis strings that are marketed are those from the main tennis companies and usually are either Head, Wilson, Prince, Gamma or Babolat. I want to expand my findings this year and look to the other great strings that maybe don't get the recognition they deserve. My 2011 top 10 multifilament string list will be as follows and in no particulary order.
1. Wilson NXT - I stay with NXT and not NXT TOUR due to the cost factor, I will continue to promote the basic NXT and sell it installed at 39.99.
2. Alpha gut 2000 - I am adding this to the line because its a great pricepoint multifilament and can be a great entry level multifilament at 33.99 installed.
3. Babolat Addiction - Babolat has a reputation for quality racket strings, I will be offering this at 37.99. Its soft and comfortable to use. Great for those with tennis elbow, has added dampening effects.
4. Gamma Asterik - due to its ability to hold tension longer, this might be a good string to try. I will be offering at 39.99.
5. Gamma TNT touch - I have always liked tnt and with the benefit of a multifilament is is a winner, expensive and I will be offering at 42.99.
6. Gosen Tecgut Remplir - Gosen manufactures string for several companies and has a good mix of synthetics. I am offering this at 34.99.
7. Head Fibregel Power- great price point with a more crisp feel and a extra layer of durability. I will be offering it at 34.99.
8. Kirschbaum touch multifiber - extra woven strands for better bite, a premium price and I will be offering at 42.99.
9. Klip Venom - its arm friendly and very responsive. I will be offering it at 39.99.
10. Tecnifibre NRG - A popular multifilament that is soft, it tends to feel a bit rubber like but I still promote as a good multifilament. I will be offering at 39.99.

Although I will have some additional multifilaments I will be offering as well, these are the ten core ones I will be promoting and hope to have some reviews on them as time goes on. My goal is to research the tension loss of each as well and report on that.

I hope this helps and is useful in your search for great playing multifilament tennis strings.

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Anonymous said…
I would like to add one more string to this list. I just recently play tested a new string called Triumph from a company called Tier One Sports. They claim that this multifilament string is constructed with more than 2000 microfibers. I used to play NXT Tour but have switched due to its very similar playing characteristics but much better price.
patrick said…
I will have to give it a look, it appears that Triumph is selling for 12.95 on ebay with free shipping and that is about 3-4 dollars less than nxt generally. Might be worth a try.