Monday, January 17, 2011


A moment in the Life of a professional tennis racquet stringer

"3 rackets were just dropped into your box. You pull them out to take a look at the labels for the name of the player they belong too, but most importately when they are due to be picked up. Perhaps you have been standing and stringing for 5-6 hours and you have just over one hour to get 3 more done. They are various tensions for the same player, a tight string pattern with Luxilon Rough 125 string. You can just feel and hear the rough string as you pull the crosses through the racket. Your fingers are hurting and sore because you have been stringing for 7 or 8 days already and about 16 hours each day. You can't slow down because the next match on is when the player is going to be using the rackets your stringing now. There is no room for error, no opportunity to make a mistake and start over, ... there is no time. These rackets must get done and tension accurate...... "(just a moment in a life of a tournament stringer!)


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Patrick Has been stringing rackets for over 25 years including at many professional events around the country including the US OPEN and AUSTRALIAN OPEN. He brings a depth of knowledge and love for the industry.

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