How to straighten your racket strings

Quick tip here about keeping your racket strings straightened during racket stringing. Its important not to leave your strings looking to off center. You could possibly be losing tension during pulls and waiting until your all done is too late. Think about it this way: If you are using a "lock-out" crank style machine than you really could benefit from this tip. This applies to your cross strings. After your weaving the cross string through and you pull and tighten look to see where your string lies, is it straight? if not make a concious effort to keep it straight. "lock-out machines" do not continually pull to remove the slack.. therefore it is important for you to keep the strings as straight as possible. In the situation of a 'constant pull' computerized machine the machine will keep pulling as your straightening each string keeping the tension more accurate. So that's it for this tip, just remember to keep straightening your strings as your stringing your racket.

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