How to monitor your own string tension for better performance

Tennis rackets lose tension from the moment they are strung. Studies show that most strings lose anywhere from 6% - more than 15% within the first twenty-four hours of being strung (even without being played). I usually recommend to customers to wait 24 hours after stringing to hit with the racket because if you pick up the racket after stringing, play and like the tension, you might quickly notice its loss of tension and feel it loses tension two quickly!.

Measuring your string tension is something that can be done by anyone and now at an affordable price. The stringmeter, marketed by Unique Sports is a simple devise that is placed on the string bed and will give you a reference tension. It's simple: String your racket, put the stringmeter on to get reference tension, play with racket, check periodically and measure tension loss % and restring when too much tension lost, based on your preference. Its that simple.

This is a great tool for racket stringers to encourage players to return to you for string tension monitoring. Offer this as a free service. This same type of devise is available in electronic versions as well.
Tourna Stringmeter - Miscellaneous Tennis

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