How to keep accurate racquet stringing records

Making your stringing service valuable to your customers will undoubtingly increase your stringing business over time. For many years I kept my stringing information in a 3 x 5 index card box! It was simple, easy to access and gave me the basic info that I needed on my customers stringing habits. Over time, however I have found this to be a bit archaic and unreliable and static!

I have found an online support for keeping my information where I can access it via the web and it does much more than keep my stringing info. I will explain here along with its built in marketing tools. Yes, I am plugging the product here and for the record I am not affiliated with the company and I do not receive any monetary gain from promoting it.

It forces me to keep more accurate data and in return provides me with detailed information on my customers. THe program asks for the racquet information, emails and detailed stringg data. It even has a place to enter the DT (dynamic tension) for the racket you just strung. This of course is an excellent selling tool. I finally switched my customers data into this program and it made me realize that I have customers that have not been back for over 4-6 months... what a great way to increase your business, with a courtesy call, or a quick reminder email... its that simple. This tool can be as simple as you want or as complex as you need. Check it out for yourself and let me know... WWW.STRINGJOB.COM

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