How to follow this years Australian Open Tennis

Its January Already, I look back at my last posting which was early December and I think back "have I really been this busy not to post for an entire month?" Along with some other tennis projects, racket stringing and misc work I guess I needed a break from blog writing. In 2011 I plan on making it a bigger priority, provide more relevant stringing information and support the racket stringing community. In January its Australian Open time. With January 17th being the beginning of the first slam of the year.

Stay connected with Melbourne Park via website: and be sure to subscribe to the newsletter on the website along with downloading the App if you have an Iphone. It's easier than ever to stay connected to one of the most fascinating tournaments in tennis. I will also be providing my ideas and insights about stringing in Melbourne, although I will be doing it from the comfort of my chair here on Maui.

Best wishes in the new year!


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