A few tips for the Newbie tennis racket stringer

Don't get overwelmed looking at a racket and trying to memorize the string pattern. Once you get more familiar with the basic string pattern you can learn how to string 95% of the frames out on the market with relative ease.
1. Get your own racket out.
2. Buy a inexpensive reel of tennis string. Check ebay for some basic nylon or go to online tennis retails.
3. Take out your stringing machine.
4. Study your racket pattern before cutting the strings out. How many main strings does your racket have? How many cross strings? Put a small piece of white tape or mark where the first cross strings are on both the head and throat. Write down your string pattern on a piece of paper or 3 x 5 card for future reference. Example: First cross 6H, 8H, 6T, 8T. Indicates that the 6th and 8th string at the Head (H) and throat (T) will be cross strings. This will help you later when the strings are removed and you are not sure.
5. Look at the grommets and you can start seeing a pattern of where the grommets are bent, once you remove the strings you can see the cross string grommets bent to that angle, etc. This sometimes may help you to figure out if it is a main string or cross string hole.
6. Start stringing. Practice. String your racket, cut out the strings and string again. This is the only way to get better.

Hope this quick tip helped.


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