A few thoughts about professional racket stringing

Its 10:28 p.m Hawaii time. I'm sitting at my computer, fan running, 75 degree weather outside and its the middle of winter in some parts of the country. I was reviewing a few websites before heading off to sleep, here are my last thoughts on racket stringing for the day. Hopefully the heat hasnt clouded my mind. The Australian Open tournament is underway, maybe the main draw action hasnt started yet but the behind the scenes preparation and the racket stringing room began some days ago. Although I am not there this year enduring the pain of 15-18 hour days behind a mechanical machine cranking out fine tuned instruments day after day, I want to reflect back and share some of those moments here, in the next few weeks, I will share some moments about what its really like behind the machines, day after day, the good moments and the hard times. Stay tuned...
and good night.

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