Ebay and How to get the best deals on buying tennis strings

Ebay has come a long way over the last ten years and not all of it is good news for consumers. Increased selling fee's and competition has made it harder to get a 'good' deal. There are still ways to score a 'good' deal but you need to be patient and understand some basics about winning auctions.

First off I want to throw out a word of caution regarding purchasing tennis products on ebay and the counterfeit merchandise floating around. Buy from sellers who have at least a few hundred positive feedback with very few negative feedback and avoid any sellers in CHina or other foreign countries that have less regulatory requirements. It is still possible to get a counterfeit with US sellers but less likely. Also when buying tennis strings you probably have less risk than with purchasing racquets.

The Tennis Warehouse is a good benchmark for retail pricing. If you can find it cheaper than there you probably are getting a good deal. You will quickly find many sellers on ebay selling at the same price as Tennis Warehouse.

SHipping: SHipping is a big part of buying on ebay. I look for Free Shipping, low shipping cost or multiple buy discounts when buying string on Ebay. Tennis Warehouse has free shipping with 75 dollar purchase so when I am shopping on Ebay I am looking for prices below this, otherwise it isnt worth my time. Most strings I purchase through wholesale accounts or manufacturers directly but many times I can find a deal I can't pass up on Ebay.

OLD MERCHANDISE: Tennis strings packages tell you a lot about the string. Someone might have some Gamma String or Wilson string that has been sitting around for 10 years, if you know what the new packages look like than you can guage this, if your not familiar than maybe check out Tennis Warehouse or other retailers to see packaging. String tends to have a good shelf life, but you are more likely to get some old dried out string that has been sitting in a hot basement if your not careful!

LAST WORD: So visit Ebay and look for string, find a shipper with free shipping and verify the price with Tennis Warehouse.

Good luck and keep on stringing!

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