Adding Wilson Hollow Core to my multifilament tennis string list

I understand that Wilson will not be offering Hollow Core 16g in its 2011 string line. I tend to think that Wilson rolled out Hollow Core Pro 17g recently to replace a string in the Hollow Core line -and adding polyester to the mix. My intention was to add Hollow Core 16g to my multifilament line up for a total of 11 strings. But if the string is being discontinued I will keep it off my list. I plan on updating the list and making changes to reflect inline strings.

Although I enjoy a tennis string discount closeout deals like anyone, I am starting to drop the closeout discontinued strings from my core offerings. I have found that offering closeout strings to my customers is fine for the customer who strings occasionally and is not picky but when you have a customer who is looking for you to recommend a good string and it is a discountinued string, you have to keep offering a new string when your customer comes back for restringing. Keep the discounted strings for the occassional and beginning player but have your core offering with strings that are in the current line.

I plan on trying the Hollow Core Pro 17g shortly.

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