Kneissl tennis rackets to return..IVan Lendl flash back

According to an article I was reading today at, Kneissl rackets are returning. Maybe I am out of the loop and this is old news, but the first I have heard of it. The first question that comes to mind is WHY? Is there not enought tennis racket options to choose from already. WHen I was in college I played with the Puma Boris Becker blue and red racket, I always loved the underdog or unique racket especially if it came from europe. I had no idea than that Puma rackets were constructed from Kneissl.

Kneissl was a solid product for both tennis and skiing and was very popular on the tour in the 80's and part of the 90's. But what type of market share can it even hope to achieve today with the likes of Babolat, Wilson, Prince and Head dominating the field. It appears that even today companies such as Volkl are struggling, especially with the confusion around the BB BOris becker line and then the similar frames Volkl has? Whats up with that?....

I am all for a new racket but how does one compete with the distribution and marketing efforts and dollars of the big companies. If these companies don't have a great marketing channel and a way to distribute quickly to the US, then they seem to end up failing quickly. I saw this during the time I was a manufacturers rep for Fischer rackets... THe product was ok, the rackets had a few big names promoting it including Michael Stich at the time, but the slow distribution and availability made it hard to sell to retailers. The wholesale price high, and the shipping and availability slow.

It will be interesting to see. For the full story visit

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Anonymous said…
Well actually Kneissl is currently in trouble, company wise. So its initial plans to make a new row of rackets (and besides that to also enlarge its sortiment by Mountainbike and Golf stuff) are very unsure.

A pitty in my opinion.

Kneissl is a strong, Tyrol-based company and has put nice effort into R&D in the area of tennis rackets - not only skies. After having played Kneissl on the Tour I am now happy to be back to Kneissl (Silver Star) as the sweet spot in this type of racket is just perfect. Again to me :) I must say. Everyone fits something else.

I could not imagine myself neither, that Kneissl would top the big players like Wilson, Babolat & Co. But certainly there is always a chance to get into a niche market, which Kneissl was intending to do. It is all about strategy - work - and of course a bit luck too.