5 things to do now to become a better tennis racquet stringer

I few quick tips to improve your stringing ability. These are some simple yet effective ways to become better now. 1. Practice, buy a reel of inexpensive nylon string, practice measuring 40 feet of string, get the feel of what 40 feet is and get comfortable measuring without the aide of a ruler. String your old frames, practice getting familiar with various racket hole configurations. Once you start understanding the general placement of main and cross strings you will get the feel for stringing and wont need to rely on looking at string patterns. 2. Join the USRSA racket stringers association. The resources provide the beginning stringer a guide book that offers basic to advanced tips along with a guide to tools, resources, string patterns etc. 3. Watch stringing videos on UTUBe, I have found a number of quality stringing video's but there are some low quality, bad stringers as well. This might be a good way to see someone else stringing and pick up some techniques. 4. Visit websites, Tennis Warehouse has great resources on learning about strings and racket technology. 5. Practice, Practice, the more frames you have strung, the better your technique becomes.
A few simple ways right now that you can improve your stringing. Stay tuned for more tips to come soon.

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