5 popular pre packaged tennis string hybrids by Wilson

Along with creating my own hybrids that work well for a number of my own customers I have also encorporated the pre packaged hybrid strings currently available on the market for 2011. Wilson currently offers 5 hybrid strings that cover a wide range of playing styles and customer preferences. If you understand the hybrids currently on the market you can tweak these a bit to create your own custom hybrids Champion's Choice uses Wilson Natural Gut 16g (actually Babolat Gut) and 16L Luxilon Alu Power Rough. Good combination to generate topspin when using the Luxilon in the mains. I would like to see this in a 17g Gut version to increase playability. Ultimate Duo is 16L luxilon Power with 16g NXT TOUR. THe NXT TOUR will give you optimal feel from a multifilament and the durability of Luxilon. Again I would like to see a thinner option with this combo, perhaps Timo 110 and NXT TOUR 17g!. Sensation Duo is 17g Enduro Pro and 16 sensation. This is great for a tighter and crisper feel than some of the softer multifilaments in the NXT series. Again go thinnner if you can. NXT Duo II combines 16L Luxilon Adrenaline 125 + 16 g NXT. The last of the 5 is Pro DUo which does use Luxilon timo 110 and 17 g hollow core. This is by far the thinnest of the hybrids and worth trying. I like the idea of an 18 g (110 mm) string with a 17g synthetic. Also for players who want more feel with some crispness, try using the synthetic strings in the main and the poly in the crosses. I know some of my customers don't always like the feel of a multifilament in the whole stringbed especially larger head size rackets, so put the multifilament in the main strings and use a thin poly in the crosses.

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