How to get your racket stringing business off the ground

So you have decided to start a stringing business part-time, how do you get it going and how do you get new customers? As you probably have figured out there is no magic formula. There are some simple no brainer tips however that can get you some business. Here are a few ideas that I have used and that can get the word out. Start Playing tennis, become visible out on the courts. Hang out at the parks and even see about playing some round robin events or group workouts at the club, this will get your name out to the players. Once someone knows you and trusts you to string their racket, your customer list will start growing. Advertise for free on, this is a great way to get your name out as well, put your ad under sporting goods. My third racket stringing business tip today is about starting a tennis ladder. Start a local tennis ladder, or offer your stringing service to a local ladder. This will get you infront of 20-30 serious tennis players....

Hope these quick tips helped and there are more to come.

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