What is a good first tennis racket stringing machine for a beginner

Well I have been blogging alot recently about tennis racket stringing machines, I have been getting emails from tennis entrepeneurs that are looking to get started stringing and want a place to start. Learning how to string can be a fun and rewarding endeavor. The best way to recommend a stringing machine is to use an analogy of stringing machines and cars, you can get around with basically any car but if you want comfort, handling and a way to show off that you have are a professional than you will have to come up with some money. Another thing to consider is that having a better stringing machine sometimes makes the learning curve a bit less painful!

Ok, lets talk machines. Basically what you need is something to hold the racket, something to clamp the strings and a way to gauge what tension is being pulled... thats it and wasn't that simple! The lowest cost machine I have seen is $150.00 for the basics, string your racket 10 times and your machine is paid for!

If you have $600-$800 dollars you can move up in comfort, accuracy and shorten the learning curve a bit. With this level of machine, the racket will be held more securely (less likely to move and cause damage), the clamps hold the string better and the turntable makes it easier to string.. more on this tomorrow. so stay tuned.

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