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Should you prestretch your tennis strings

WHAT IS PRESTRETCHING: Prestretching string is the act of stretching tennis string out of the package prior to installing into a tennis racket.

WHAT TYPE OF STRING TO PRESTRETCH: Basically any tennis string can be prestretched but the benefits to prestretching generally apply to multifilament strings, natural gut and polyester based strings.

To prestretch or not to prestretch is the question? There are several components that need to be addresses prior to making a determination about prestretching string. Tennis strings stretch naturally and the characteristics of the string will change with each pull and the string naturally gets a little smaller in diameter. I don't know many individuals that prestretch the mono-filament synthetic stringssuch as prince synthetic or wilson extreme but I have prestretched most other strings from time to time both for retail customers and also for professional touring players.

BENEFITS to PRESTRETCHING: Strings lose tension quickly after stringing and by pre-stretching the string first you can eliminate some of the initial tension loss. I see this happen many times with multifilament strings such as Wilson NXT or Technifibre NRG2 because players like the feel initially but notice tension loss, so prestretch and add 1 pound and you get a tighter feeling multifilament string that doesn't lose tension as quickly.

NEGATIVES to PRESTRETCHING: For touring pro's that use each racket for less than one match, some prefer not to prestretch because they like the initial feel of the string. For some multifilament and natural gut strings the elasticity factor comes into play and the initial feel and elasticity is what they are looking for, prestretching takes that feel away.



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