Should you be charging more to string polyester tennis strings?

I have been pondering over the idea of polyester stringing and how it relates to your bottom line stringing profits.

PROBLEM: It is a fact that polyester tennis strings break less frequently than most non-poly based synthetics. Educating your customers on the notion that polyester tennis string loose tension as much or more so than synthetics is a fact, even Luxilon Big banger or Babolat Pro Hurricane are going to fall prey to tension loss! But many customers feel that since the string doesn't 'wear out' like other synthetics that it lasts longer..............wrong,wrong,wrong.

SOLUTION: FIrst and foremost educate your customer on the basic premous of restringing as much as before, if that means every two months, than that is when you should contact the customer to remind them. I keep a log and than set up an automatic email reminder. This keeps customers aware thats its time and means more revenue for you. Remind the customer that poly wears out just as quick as other strings it just doesn't break. Another ideas is to charge a bit more for stringing polyester, either mark up your overall price or add it in the labor charge. So if you are charging $15.00 for labor add $2.00 for labor on each to compensate the extra work. Stringing poly is more wear on your clamsp and machine as well as takes a bit longer.

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