Natural Gut tennis strings are not cat gut!

Natural Gut
Natural gut is considered by many to be the best string in terms of overall playability, as it offers both power and control over the ball. It is the softest string material, and holds its tension better than any other type. However, some grades of natural gut break or unravel easily (especially uncoated gut when it is wetted) and it is the most expensive kind of string. The first natural gut tennis string was manufactured in 1875 by Pierre Babolat, who would launch the VS brand of gut fifty years later. Natural gut is usually offered in coated form, to reduce its tendency to unravel, particularly when humid.

Contrary to popular belief, and the manifestation of that in the term "cat gut", gut string has never been produced from cat intestines.

Natural gut is produced by drying fibers extracted from a part of the cow intestine called the serous membrane, or serosa, which contains collagen designed to withstand the stretching and contraction of the intestine. It is this elasticity that makes the fibers useful for tennis string. Sheep intestines have also been used for racquet strings in the past

Tomorrow I will spend some time reviewing the various brands of Natural Gut strings.

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