My top ten multifilament tennis strings to try today

Recently I wrote a post on 3 hybrid combinations, 5 top strings to carry and other rants, but here I want to continue the theme about lists.  Lists can really provide a lot of parallel comparisions. 

Multifilament tennis strings are second only to natural gut tennis strings when it comes to playability, feel and control.  They generally have thousands of micro fibers wraped together to create a soft and comfortable string.  They tend to fray before they break are not as durable as most synthetic mono core string  but they create better comfort to aide any tennis elbow problems you may be experiencing. 

Here is my ten top list of multifilament strings to try.  I know you might be saying that ten is a large list to even think about, but trying different multifilament strings will give you an idea of the different types of materials and brands. If you are used to playing with premium synthetics strings but want to try something a bit different than take a look at this list.  Not in any specific order.

1.  Wilson NXT

Technifibre NRG2,
Gamma Professional

, Babolat Addiction,
Babolat Xcel Power,
Klip Venom,
 Prince Premiere,
Gosen Power master
,Yonex Tour super 850
 Head Fibergel. 

These multifilament strings all have their own characteristics of playability so give them a test drive.!  Tomorrow I will start getting into price and where to buy for the best deal.

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