My 25 racket stringing tips revealed

A few days ago I outlined my 25 stringing tips, a collection of some things I learned over the years.  I hope to have my "100 stringing tips revealed" ebook out soon, but until then I am offering my 25 tips as a free download through this site to my readers. 

Do I really need more tips on stringing?  The more I am around the tennis industry, the more I keep learning and figuring out more tricks to make stringing easier.  I am still learning from others and hope to pass on my expertise here on my blog. 

I am going to take each of the 25 tips and break them down, reviewing one at a time.  Today I want to discuss using a blunt awl for straightning the strings. 

This tip is solving a few problems and therefore on my tip list.  First off, by straightening the strings as you string the racket makes it easier to have a professional straight pattern when you are done and keeps you from losing tension.  If you leave the strings as is, you could easily be losing tension before you are even done stringing.  This tip is referring mostly to the cross strings.  Babolat makes a tool specifically for this, it looks like a blunt awl and makes straightening much easier on your fingers.  If you only string a few rackets now and then, you might not need this tool but if you are stringing for hours on end, this tool will save your fingertips. 

HOW TO STRAIGHTEN:  On an electronic machine, use your left hand to guide the string as the tensioner is tightening the string and adjust more as necessary after you clamped off.  Do this repeatedly as you complete the crosses.  You will find by the time you get to the bottom of the racket, your strings wont need much straightening.  I hope to have a video posted soon showing this.  So stay tuned. 

Hope this helps, comment or ask a question.

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