Luxilon Alu Power Rough Tennis String Review

Luxilon offers a complete line of polyester or co-poly strings to conform to the playing needs of tennis players.  Although polyester strings have been around for much longer than Luxilon, the marketing efforts of 'Wilson' have helped Luxilon grow in popularity and become synonymous with polyester string.  Luxilon strings are manufactured by Luxilon Industries NV for tennis, squash and badminton.  It was 1987 that Big Banger got its start in the retail market.
The rough string is designed to give you some additional bite into the ball.  You will find Luxilon ALu Power Rough in 1.25 mm (16L), If you want a thicker poly than you can go to the Original Big Banger 1.30 (16g) rough string.  You can also go with the Alu Power SPin 1.27 string by Luxilon.  So as you can see the choices with luxilon in just the 'spin' category give you some options.  I have received some good feedback from players liking the extra spin on the ball, and it definetely bites more into the ball than other poly string.  You can feel the roughness of the strings with your fingers.  This is a durable string designed for the player that wants topspin on the ball.

From a stringers perspective, rough strings are torture on your fingers.  If you string them long enough you will eventully tolerate it.  I would recommend Luxilon Alu Power rough in a hybrid stringing.  By putting the Luxilon in the main strings you are adding the element of durability and spin.  Take time to explore some options on the cross strings, anything from basic synthetic mono-filament strings all the way to multifilament and natural gut as well.

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