Hybrid racket stringing with Babolat RPM Blast

Hybrid racket stringing brings out the best characteristics in some strings and provides the opportunity for a tennis player to benefit from two types of tennis strings and to bridge the gap between the 'durability' and 'playability' issue.

Experimenting with hybrid pairs and tensions can be a laborsome task. Stay tuned for a few ideas regarding Babolat RPM Blast and how to add this to your string mix.

Babolat RPM Blast is a co-polyester racket string and therefore stiffer and less elastic than other strings. I always recommend that my clients string with the thinnest tennis string than possible (keeping in mind their playing style and breakage factor). Thinner tennis strings tend to grip the ball better and provide more topspin. The benefit with RPM Blast is that its square like shape bits into the ball better for that added topspin. SO my recommendation is to try the Babolat RPM Blast in the main strings and use a premium string in the crosses. USe the 1.20 RPM Blast and a 1.25 multifilament in the crosses.

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Anonymous said…
A question? is that possible? When you work with hybrid strings, you obviously try to combine characteristics from different strings to make it the most perfect combination for yourself (or for someone else)Most polyester strings provide in a lot of power, while multifilament strings provide in lots of feel and comfort. If I don't want to lose power, is it for the best to string at a lower tension?