How to stencil tennis rackets 101

Tennis racket stenciling is not only for the pros. Putting a logo on the strings of a racket can be an added bonus for your customers and will keep them coming back because of the 'service' you provide them. Not everyone will want or even ask for a logo but for some it makes them feel special and like a pro. As a racket stringer I always am looking for ways to keep stringing customers coming back and looking for ways to bring in referals.

You can obtain manufacterer's stencils in several different ways. If you have an account with a company you can contact them or the sales rep handling your territory and ask for one, some will provide one at no charge to you.. Another way is to purchase one, either through your account directly or through a distributor such as Tenniswarehouse or Tennis Express. You can buy stencil ink at the above mentioned places as well.

Start building up your stencil collection slowly. Wilson, Yonex, Prince, Head are easy to acquire. Companies like technifibre, kirshbaum, and pacific sometimes have the stencil in a package of strings so you might be able to get one this way. When purchasing INk you might start out with the basic black and Red and maybe add white so you can stencil the Black string like Babolat RPM blast.....

Stenciling is not rocket science but it takes a careful patient person to keep from making a mess. You only have one opportunity to get it right. When stenciling the Pro's racket at tournaments you better get the stenciling just right or you might have to restring the racket? Wiping off stencil ink just makes a mess and looks sloppy.

It doesn't really matter if you purchase Unique sports ink, babolat Ink or Gamma, they basically are the same and are good, once you purchase a few different ones you might stick with one that is best for you.

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