Find the best deal on Babolat RPM tennis Nadal String

So you have been wanting to try out the new string by Babolat and want to find out the best place to buy a set. If you visit the Babolat Website, which I must agree has some stunning and professional looking graphics, has the Babolat RPM blast string listed under the Power category. This black string has been getting lots of attention and exposure in the tennis media and around the tennis stringing scene. I have a lot of customers asking me what I think about it and have had some positive feedback from customers.

I have done some comparisons to save you time and money and here are the best deals that I could find today. Basically all the retailers have this string for either 16.95 or 16.99 a set. Tennis warehouse and amazon basically have this string at the same price of $16.95 per set. Tennis warehouse offers free shipping with $75.00 purchase and Amazon has shipping free with 25 dollar purchase. Ebay appears to have the best opportunity to purchase this string for less than $16.95. but you do have to be careful about shipping costs. Make certain you read all shipping information prior to bidding. I have seen the string sell for 16.95 + shipping, 29.95 for two sets plus shipping and even a REEL of 660 feet (enough for 18 rackets) for $145.00 and thats a good deal!.. So check out amazon with free shipping or go onto ebay, you might find a great bargain.

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