Check your tennis machine calibration every 10 rackets!

First off I want to say that checking your calibration every 10 rackets might be overkill but stay with me here.....If you only string one racket every month then definitely check your calibration every 10 rackets or even more.  If you string 10 rackets per day than probably checking the calibration every couple of days or so is ok.  Checking your calibration is different than actually calibrating and this post is not going to get into the calibration process, each machine has its own system and some are even self calibrating!  Checking the calibration in your racket stringing machine should only take a few minutes at most.

I hope to have a short video out soon that shows how to check your calibration but until then please try to picture what im saying here.  Tennis machine calibration tools come in either  basic model or digital and you can look to spend between 15.00 to 200.00 +.   .  Heres how you go about checking calibration, its actually quit simple:  1.  Attach a piece of tennis string at both ends of the calibrator, use polyester based string.  2.  Lock the base of your machine if possible and have a straight path from your clamp and tension head.  3.  Clamp one end of the string with both clamps if possible and set your machine for 25 lbs tension.  4.  Pull the string with the tension head and read the tension mark on the calibrator, its almost like reading a tire guage, it pops out as the force warrents.  5.  Set your tension to 40 lbs and do the same, repeat several times until you get to 60 lbs.  If the calibrator shows the same number your machine does than you are good to go.

Please always remember that  consistent racket stringings will bring you more customers and keep them coming back.  You might want to look at the specs of the Prince Tension Calibrator or the AG Tension Calibrator

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