The best racquet stringing machine under $200 dollars

Not sure if I can pull this off but I wanted to spend a post on reviewing the lower end home use stringers.  I want to emphasize that the equipment in this category is for occassional home use only.  Think about this point, 200 dollars is the price of one premium tennis racket so don't expect to get a high end stringing machine for the same price.  I have been stringing for over 20 years and have used various types of equipment but have mostly been stringing with the higher end computerized racket stringing machines.  I have also had the opportunity to string on the Wilson Baiardo machine at several tournaments as well and this is considered a high end do it all machine. 


  1.  A good mounting system.  2, 4, or 6 point mounting is standard.  They more points that touch the racket the better.  Stability is important.  Stringing a racket at 60lbs creates a lot of force and if the racket is not properly mounted or has a weak stress point than you will have potential problems and might damage the racket.  I have seen rackets crack and break during stringing.....

 2.  Good clamps.  Are the clamps universal and do they contain diamond dust.  Clamps wear out and weak clamps cause string to slip, if your string slips, the set is wasted and causes you to spend more money.  If you buy a machine that has universal clamps than you can later purchase better clamps from another company.  SOme lower end machines have only floating clamps and those are universal.  Diamond dust helps hold the clamps better and usually the clamps cost anywhere from 90 -300 dollars.

3.  Accuracy.  In this price range you will only get the drop weight system, so it usually is good within 3 pounds or so.  Once you start stringing, and know how the racket feels after stringing at a certain tension you will get a feel of how you need to adjust the machine to get the tension you want. 

Listed below are two models that I found that are under 200 dollars , check them out.  I dont think that one brand or the other will really matter.  I have known some folks who use these machines and find they get by ok for themselves.  String 10 rackets and save about 150-200 dollars on labor, this will just about pay for the stringing machine.  ...
Gamma X-2 Tennis Stringing Machine
Klippermate Tennis Racquet / Racket Stringing Machine

Please leave comments or suggestions here.  I hope to be posting a how to video soon.


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Roland said…
Thanks for the insight. Based on your experience on various stringing machine, what are your top three machines that are the "best for your buck". I will consider getting a machine costing greater than $200 if it offers precision, durability, ease of use and a quality end product. I use to play frequently but now my son is playing in high school and anticipate the rest of the family will follow suit.