Monday, September 06, 2010


Babolat RPM Blast - New black string

Babolat offers a variety of tennis racket strings to meet all types of playing style. THe Babolat RPM blast string is a recent development from Babolat that offers 'consistency, speed, depth, power and more spin. It is available in 1.20, 1.25 and 1.30 mm. I wanted to discuss the benefits of Babolat RPM Blast and give my 2cents worth.

I have had good reviews on this string and for the player who plays polyester and is looking for more spin and depth on their shots, this might be a good string to try. Its still a bit pricey at the moment at around 17.00 per set (not including labor).


About Unknown -

Patrick Has been stringing rackets for over 25 years including at many professional events around the country including the US OPEN and AUSTRALIAN OPEN. He brings a depth of knowledge and love for the industry.

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