Ana Ivanovic (SRB) vs. Kim Clijsters (BEL)

The US OPEN tennis matches continue and half the field waves 'goodbye' and checks out of their hotel rooms.  Among the field to go packing is a favorite of mine Jelena Jankovic
Tomorrows match line up with Ana Ivanovic and Kim Clijsters  should be an interesting battle.  Ana doesn't come with as many weapons or wins and Nick Bollettieri's pick would be Clijsters in 3 sets.  I think that if Clijsters is on top of her game we are going to see a 2 set match although I think one set will be a close score. 

Since my blog is about racket stringing and EQUIPMENT I want to make sure to address this in my post:  Ana's racket of choice is the Yonex RQ iS 1 Tour XL 95.  Kim Clijsters prefers the Babolat Pure Drive GT. 

I just recently strung one of my customers new Babolat Pure drive with Baboloat natural gut at 60lbs.  60 lbs feels solid and I think for a player looking for control, 60lbs offers the control, a bit of feel and crisp play. 

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