Polyester tennis strings don't have to feel stiff - learn why here.

I have been giving a lot of thought to poly strings lately,especially with the onset of manufacturers bombarding the retail market with new poly strings constantly. Not all poly is created equal. Poly strings or co-poly /poly-base tennis strings don't need to feel stiff. Some co-poly based strings are marketed to feel softer and have more of the characteristics that multifilament / natural gut have.

Here are a few softer poly strings to try, use them in place of your current string or create a poly hybrid combination that is second to none.

GOSEN Polylon Comfort Tennis Strings 17g, Luxilon M2 17g, Tecnifibre x-code 17, Superstring pure control v8 17, Prince poly spin 3d 16L, Poly FIbre cobra 17 and Tecnifibre Black code 17g. Currently Amazon has some competitive pricing and you can check out the Luxilon M2 17g starting at $14.99 a set and its great if you have been using and are familiar with Luxilon now.

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